Past, Present, Future

The past informs us of where we came from; our journey, our story, the stepping stones that guided us to the present.  Only through acknowledging our past and understanding our present are we then able to confidently move forward, towards our future.

We wanted to take our client through this sensory journey of past, present and future — our client being a boutique hotel in the centre of Krakow, a city that is also known as ‘The City of Kings’.

To help us do this, we hired a charismatic five-storey house situated in the corner of London’s Jewish Quarter in Stoke Newington.  The textural quality of this house echoed that of the grand structure in Krakow.  The connection to the past is defiantly visible in its walls, in its materiality and in its smell.  This gave us a great foundation to build an experiential presentation by curating different experiences within the corners of each floor, mimicking the sentiments of the various offers within the hotel.  The presentation kicked off with a blooming pop-up florist from Botanique, sending a trail of sweet perfume throughout the space.  The affair ended with a wholesome meal crafted by the talented team at 26 Grains, leaving us with a lingering craving for more salted rye brownies.

It was a successful day of dreaming and imagining.  We now look forward to the day our envisioned future turn into the present.

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