Using Our Hands

As designers, we use our hands to click, type, draw, sketch, and gesture in order to do our jobs.  When everything is based around the computer nowadays, it is very rare that we get to use our hands to make.  Last month, for one afternoon, we left our computers behind, and swapped our pens for whittling knives at a spoon carving workshop.
Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Run by the very crafty Sophie from Grain and Knot, who patiently showed us the techniques of woodcarving, each of us whittled a simple piece of recycled off-cut timber into a beautifully flawed but unique little spoon.  There was pain, and blisters, and blood.  But there was also satisfaction, and appreciation, and calm.

The necessary skill of using one’s hands to make an everyday object is something we take for granted; it takes a humble wooden spoon to put a designer in her place.

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