A little while ago I had the pleasure of being invited to visit the Vola Academy and factory in Denmark. We were flown in to Billund Airport and from there we took a picturesque drive through the fields of Jylland towards our destination: Horsens. This place is far from the bustle of Copenhagen, on the island furthest away from the capital.

Here things move slowly and peacefully, something that was apparent once we got inside the actual Vola factory too. People moved in a comfortable pace and seemed very happy to be there.

We were served a lovely Danish lunch upon arrival and then started our tour of the factory, eager get a better understanding of Vola tap production, from start to finish. As well as seeing the actual production we also learnt some new things about the history of the company.

It all started in 1961 when world-renowned architect and designer Arne Jacobsen won a competition for the redesign of the National Bank of Denmark. Shortly after this, Vola owner Verner Overgaard contacted Jacobsen about an idea he had about a tap with all the mechanical parts hidden within the wall. Together the pair developed a tap and mixer with only the spout and mixer handle visible on the wall – something that was a completely new concept at the time.

The tap that they designed for the National Bank of Denmark is still the same tap design that we see produced by Vola today. Its functionality and simple design principals ensures that the design will live on for many years to come. This is how a classic is born.

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