Tribute, Abbey Hotel, Bath, UK

A hotel identity that stands out in a city of tourism clichés

Brand | Strategy

The Abbey Hotel has a brilliant city-centre location. What it lacked was a vision to lift it above Bath's crowded tourism market. That was our signal to delve deep into the city's culture and the building's history.

The hotel's connections to Bath's movers and shakers were a route into a creative Bath beyond the tourism clichés. The hotel could become a centre for creative experiential getaways. The identity builds on the concept through splashes, swirls, and smears of paint. For a guest-friendly human touch, we added quirky phrases that tap into hotel guests' own love of art.

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Delve: A trip to Bath
Conveniently located at the centre of the hustle and bustle of the city, and just minutes from Brunel’s Bath Spa station, we are neighbours to the best shops, restaurants, bars and quirks – all framed in Bath’s unique architectural heritage.
Delve: Site visit
From our site visit we realised that Abbey Hotel would benefit from harnessing the lives and energies of the building’s former occupants. This would define and cement its positioning. It would create a premium offer and inspire more luxurious sensorial and experiential branding.
Delve: Site visit – The Art Bar
An art-themed bar – for guests and locals – with quarterly curations of the local art scene. We saw the potential for this space to evolve, to carve a more ownable positioning. It could be all-encompassing, dictating art direction and speaking to a multitude of people, ideas, styles, and genres.
Dream: Brand strategy
Our central location and storytelling epitomise our brand positioning. This place adds a voice to Bath’s culture, where art provides insights, starts conversations and enriches travel experiences.
Dream: Create & develop
Taking inspiration from the circular and curved forms found throughout Bath's famous architecture.
Draw: Brand playbook