Autograph Collection, Angel Stradom and Stradom House, Kraków, Poland

A coherent scheme for a pair of 5-star hotels in the old city

Brand | Strategy

Two connected hotels (one new, one old) on a single site present an unusual branding challenge. 12 | 14 Stradom House is an exquisite member of the Marriott Autograph Collection, while its connected neighbour, AngelStradom, is the new-build upstart in the garden.

Our task was to brand the two hotels as well as the two restaurants in Stradom House and the spa in AngelStradom. While every space has its own distinctive look and feel, there's a strong sense of unity within the complementary styles. Visitors are in no doubt that rigorous 5-star standards define the entire site.

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Delve: A visit to Krakow
Krakow is unlike any other city in Poland; it is ‘a city of Kings’. Its rich and varied history provides a city full of stories to discover, and a collection of people with the desire to create new memories and evolve their own version of Krakow.
Walking down the streets, you see the marks of time gone by, and the blossoms of things to come.
Delve: Studio research
We need to bring the essence and spirit of the city to the hotel – its culture, its stories and its people.
The ubiquitous presence of flowers – in the homes, streets and hearts of Poland – is part of the nation’s heritage and tradition. It reflects the charm and vitality of the people.
The salt mines are a valuable Krakow monument. Their unique microclimate, created by the salt’s natural properties, helps to cure people of respiratory illnesses.
Draw: Brand playbook
‘An oasis of wild-hearted hospitality and luxurious vitality.'
Draw: Brand guidelines