Bafarat, London, UK

Luxurious central London setting for Arabian coffee and fine French patisseries

Brand | Interiors | Strategy

Bafarat is an oasis of exquisite sugary calm in London's Soho. It's a partnership between Saudi coffee roasters, Bafarat, and the French master patissier, Thomas Alphonsine.

To create a standout interior to draw West-End crowds, we pulled the three strands together: Arabian coffee culture, cosmopolitan London, contemporary Parisian patisserie design. The result (shortlisted for the 2020 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards) is a pastel-coloured and softly furnished haven of caffeine and confectionery. Gentle arches and rounded edges add a touch of dreamlike escapism, while light-hearted comments on floor and wall remind guests that sugar-coated hedonism is nothing if it's not fun.

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