Belmonte Hotel & Resort, Krynica-Zdrój, Poland

An affordable luxury mountain resort feels like being on top of the world



Reinstate Krynica, the Pearl of Polish Baths, as the smart place to be seen. Attract younger, more refined audiences, and set new standards for affordable, off-the-beaten-track, luxury mountain resorts within Europe’s ski circuit.

Our Diary


Every mountain has its own rhythm, roots, and spirit. Despite this universal mountain-resort characteristic, the local hotel-scape had no stories to tell and devoted no time to branded activations rooted in place, people, or culture. The resort had been cornered by its own mountains. It was locked into outdated experiences and tired concepts of luxury.


We developed a strategy based on searching, finding and reaching for a ‘mountain high’. The strategy was driven by a philosophy of premium escapism – naturally connected and locally rooted – that imbued cosiness and service with a premium, health-is-wealth feeling. It enabled guests to get high on life … to be on top of the world … to be lifted up like nowhere else.


The idea of mindful lifestyle destinations blends mountain classic with conscious modernity. It reinvents the luxury mountain retreat as a destination where efficiency, beauty, vitality and togetherness find their home. In this must-have world, the brand and the community are guardians of the landscape. Together they create magical places perched on mountainsides, framed by contemporary architecture, rich in natural splendour, in love with artisanal food, storied and experiential all year round.

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