Five Guys

From Five Guys UK debut to more than 200 outlets across UK, Europe and USA

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The simple, unadorned look of Five Guys is a big hit in the US burger market. But what would it take to achieve the same success in the UK? To find out we researched the habits of burger eaters and the USPs of burger sellers.

Research provided the insights for tweaking the presentation and store layout. It also produced material for a brand booklet communicating the potential of Five Guys to landlords and investors. Our work helped secure the brand’s first store in London’s Covent Garden – and drove expansion across the UK and beyond into France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and Dubai.

Adapting our designs to various site sizes, we have worked with Five Guys largest store in the world and one of their smallest. In Champs Elysees, Paris we worked with a 15,000 sqft site which included a double kitchen and over 350 covers inside and out. Whilst for Portobello Road, we created a bespoke micro kitchen and prep area for only 30 total covers.

We are currently on site with our 150th store opening globally and in our 6 year partnership we have produced schemes on over 400 different sites internationally (228 UK, 55 French, 57 Spanish, 60 German, 2 UAE, 3 Irish)

We also worked closely with Five Guys to adapt their kitchen designs, from two set layouts to three standard formats in five varying sizes, totalling 15 kitchen options. We're now working on a new island format as well as the occasional special.

In 2019 we opened several new sites, including two sought after sites in London, one overlooking St Paul's and the other right nextdoor to Tower Bridge.

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Humble beginnings
Five Guys started out in Arlington, Virginia in 1986, when Jerry and Janie Murrell offered sage advice to their young sons: “Start a business or go to college”. The business route won and the Murrell family opened their first burger joint named, simply, Five Guys – after the five brothers.
What makes Five Guys unique?
It’s about keeping the rules simple, ensuring customisation is key and delivering the best and freshest burgers and fries possible (with an extra scoop). After all, that’s all Five Guys does.
Evolution not revolution
Our challenge was to take the existing US design values and translate them for the UK market. Ensuring that we played to the brand’s existing strengths and F&B experience to create a unique fast-dining offer.
Editing the design
Exploring the competitive market
A fast casual restaurant is a type of restaurant that does not offer full table service, but promises a higher quality of food and atmosphere than a fast-food restaurant. We looked at competitors in this space, and also the UK burger scene to decide where the UK offer should be positioned.
Interior look and feel
Adapting the plans
Refreshing Five Guys for 2020