Hotel Sighaghi, Bodbe, Georgia

Rediscovering a region’s ancient heritage to build on its legacy


Embrace the history and the lively modernity of Georgia’s picturesque Kakheti wine region. Create a bond between the two to express a deep connection with the region’s people and culture. Establish a rare and exquisite style of Georgian luxury hospitality in the Caucasus mountains.

Our Diary


While Georgia’s character and heritage are deeply rooted, the country has been marked by a bittersweet recent past. Our storytelling and curation should reflect the sensitivity of these events. They should not politicise nostalgia nor turn it into a museum-like experience.


To celebrate the Georgia of the here and now, we made natural connections between past and present, and wove them into the fabric of the place. We built relationships among authentically Georgian people, objects, activities, and ideas.

The aim is to develop modern artefacts that use local craftsmanship and manufacturing processes – and to tell modern tales of the Silk Road and the kvevri wine heritage. Our strategy is to reawaken Georgian spirits by creating new traditions and fresh flavours rooted in the region’s ancient provenance. It puts Georgia front of mind for inventive travellers.

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