Hyundai Cooking Library, Seoul, South Korea

A five-storey cooking school in the heart of Seoul

Interiors | Strategy

The Cooking Library is Hyundai’s tactile antidote to digital life. Here, in Seoul’s high-pressure Gangnam District, foodies lose themselves in a sensory world of artisanal skill and exquisite taste.

The interior of this seven-story homage to food is entirely ours. From the ground-floor deli, bakery, and café, through hands-on training and discussion areas to the open-air veg beds on the upper levels, we devised a light-filled journey of discovery. At every stage the building tugs at your senses, yet the mood remains calm and collaborative. It’s the heat of the kitchen fused effortlessly with the mindfulness of the library.

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Delve: A visit to Seoul
“Nothing exists in the intellect that has not first passed through the senses.” – Plutarch
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The underlying thread between all libraries is inspirational space. They also celebrate time.
Delve: Hyundai Design Library
The Cooking Library needs to be softer than the Design Library, more down-to-earth and accessible.
Dream: Create & develop
Our aim for the Hyundai Cooking Library is to curate an experience that will allow guests to unlock dreams of being someone – or somewhere – else.
An inspiring world where craftsmanship provides fundamental luxury, tactility invites human touch, and analogue detailing lets guests lose themselves in the romance of time.
Dream: Visual identity
Our approach to the display system is one of simplicity, domesticity and flexibility. Familiar objects and materials found in our homes are adapted to fit the need-states of a working library.