Sheraton, Il Pomodoro, Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy

The tomato takes centre stage in Sardinian life and cuisine

The humble tomato goes to the heart of Sardinian cuisine. Il Pomodoro celebrates its ability to connect neighbours and families through shared recipes and traditions. Our branding taps into the tomato's homeliness and the warmth of Sardinian hospitality, epitomised by the annual Cortes Apertas (‘the doors are open’) village festival.

Il Pomodoro's typeface and logotype are warm and rounded with a hint of the unexpected. There are naive illustrations featuring plump, tomatoey people, and a series of tomato-shaped graphic elements in the subdued peach and terracotta colours of traditional varieties. Our design is a homage to the honesty of Sardinian food.

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Delve: A visit to Sardinia
Il Pomodoro represents the true essence of Sardinian hospitality. It is about togetherness, family and sharing.
A dynamic and energetic space; the atmosphere is warm, open and friendly.
Dream: Creative development
The recurring O’s symbolise the conviviality found in tomatoes on the vine, and offer a subtle hint to the theatrical moments found in the space. The perfectly circular O’s in the logotype represent unity and togetherness. Their bulbous shape harmonises with the typographic quirks found within the other letterforms. This is particularly noticeable in the letter R.
Energy and playfulness in the colour palette comes in a considered and moderated way. Through the use of colour in various brand applications guests feel beams of cheerful brand personality.