Luxury Collection, Cristallo Resort & Spa, Cortina d’Ampezzo

Brand and F&B strategy for the iconic jewel of the Italian Dolomites


For Hotel Cristallo to be among the best hotels in the world and certainly provide the best luxury F&B hospitality experience, the Iconic jewel of the Italian Dolomites needed to regain cultural relevance, transform value and drive growth for the up and coming international events between 2022 to 2026 in the region.

Our Diary


Experiences all nestled in a place rich in culture and natural splendour, between the Dolomites. In a magnificent position, steeped in history with strong family legacy and long presence in the community, the spa and resort offers its discerning guest magical food, spa, rooms, suites and chef.


Make Cristallo an experiential lifestyle destination built around CELEBRATIONISM as a core focus of society. A destination built around intimately spending time connecting with family, friends, nature and the  Cortina d’Ampezzo community. We bridge GRANDEUR, ENRICHING and PERMANENCE in a meaningful way that infuses experience spirit, feeling luxurious and celebrationism to evoke delight, awe, comfort and wellbeing?

Blacksheep created a distinctive brand story and F&B strategy – to give people a reason to engage with Cristallo online, on social media and through marketing and communications for classic and international audiences, all age groups and varying lifestyles both in and outside the hotel to restore Cristallo as the cultural landmark for contemporary society.




Let’s build a spirit of celebrationism for audiences to create memories of the sublime, TOGETHER.

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