Ritz Carlton, Mökki, Kazakhstan

Developing an F&B strategy and brand to excite a newly wealthy audience

Brand | Interiors | Strategy

Marriott International, owner of the newly built The Ritz-Carlton in Nur-Sultan, set us the challenge of developing a strategy, a name (Mökki), and a brand for the hotel's all-day restaurant. Since new builds are a blank canvas, we were free to imagine a concept that would appeal to the new luxury audience of a rapidly developing capial city.

As a wordmark, Mökki is playful and bursting with character. It complements the restaurant's signature brush marks – a series of hand-painted patterns using colours derived from traditional Kazakh embroidery. Together they form an identity that deftly embraces the past and the present.

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Delve: Brand audit
To be at Mökki is to be at home – to let the familiar sights, smells and feelings of great comfort embrace you. The environment reflects and strengthens the feeling of kinship experienced by each guest who enters, creating a communal mood that radiates outwards.
Dream: Create & develop
Illustrative patterns represent the energy and movement of the happenings inside the offer. The pattern style is dynamic and hand-drawn to feel personal.
Experimenting by adding quirkiness to specific wordmark characters.
Exploring a colour palette related to Kazakh culture. Derived from traditional embroidery, it reinforces craftsmanship.
Draw: Brand guidelines