Autograph Collection, Montcalm East, Shoreditch, London, UK

Sense of perspective for a Marriot Bonvoy Autograph Collection hotel

Brand | Interiors | Strategy

Montcalm East is an exercise in perspective. The exterior counfounds the eye; the interior plays with shape and form, and alludes to the changing perspectives of Shoreditch’s fluid creative culture. Our instinct was to ‘look up, look down, look around’ because, in Shoreditch, invention is everywhere. A photographic theme draws the threads together: guests’ can capture photographic records of their stay and monochromatic decor is softened with swatches of RGB colour.

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Delve: A visit to Shoreditch
Shoreditch has always been a place for new ideas, new perspectives, new views, a celebration of the clashing and evolving of differences, a place that doesn’t just give you the finished product but invites you into the process. It is an area that never stands still and the energy it attracts continually changes the face of it.
Dream: Creative development
The bar is a play on the optical illusion of light and reflection, naturally fed through the glass facade surrounding it. The soft layering of materials filter the light and create delicate screening within the space
A more muted palette offers a soothing and uncomplicated environment in which to relax and reflect and allows the views of the city to be the focal point.