Tribute Portfolio, Stages Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Festival-making as a concept for an event-centric hotel


Build a branded hotel experience with enough sporting, artistic and intellectual charisma to attract thought leaders (corporates, congresses, conferences, etc.) as well as sports, arts and culture fans. Put the venue at the heart of Prague’s culture-scape and lift the food way above the cheapness associated with Czech cuisine.

Our Diary


The hotel was dependent on the O2 Arena and Universum calendars, and tied to the idea of entertainment, crowds and fandom. So the experience had to tune into, and amplify, the mood before and after every event – to replace pre-event waiting time with pre-party hype, and post-event come-downs with after-party euphoria


The hotel needed an anti-boredom space – somewhere to inspire the multitude of communities and energies expecting an unforgettable O2 experience. This would be a space without dead time – where waits were enjoyed; nerves, calmed; and hype, magnified. And where after-parties never disappoint. It would be ‘the place behind-and-beyond the real event, before-and-after the show’ – a neighbourhood hub that’s more festival than place.

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