Peninsula Hotels, Peter and Hei Fung Terrace, Tokyo, Japan

Suite of exquisite, handmade menus for two restaurants in a 5-star hotel

In some settings, the attention to detail is so rigorous, every element of presentation prompts a unique exercise in design. The menus for the Peninsula's Peter and Hei Fung Terrace restaurants were two such projects. Each was intimately connected to the cuisine, the guests, and the ambience of the restaurant.

For Peter we created a tesselation of foiled and debossed leather; for Hei Fung Terrace we inset a die-cut metal plate copied from an architectural screen in the restaurant. Both required a full suite of variations and a high level of hand finishing. In our single-minded pursuit of perfection, the rejection rate was huge.

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Peninsula's Peter
A pattern derived from origami folds flows over front and back.
A thorough testing process was crucial to ensure the foil finishing stayed true to the delicate detailing of the original design.
Peninsular's Hei Fung Terrace
Inspiration taken from a piece of architecture within the restaurant, redrawn into a modern pattern for use on the menu.
Samples for the die-cut metal plate: (1) brushed gold, (2) bronzed brass, (3) aluminio anodizado bronze, (4) brass, (5) regency gold and (6) anolock.