The Student Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

An F&B strategy for a generation that’s full-on for fun and purposeful change


Could we redefine the purpose, function and experience of food and drink across the chain’s hotel property portfolio? And could we develop concepts for the brand’s various F&B offers that can be hyper-localised and which focus on community engagement, especially for the Rooftop offer, a local destination and experiential platform.

Our Diary


The XYZ generations can’t be pinned down. Characterising them as buzzwords on a trend report underestimates their energy and fails to represent their numerous (sub)cultures. But they are united in their desire for blended experiences (all-in-one, anywhere, anytime) with a purpose: working for the planet and for the people.



This is a community that’s hungry 24/7 for food and drink … for better … for change. So we need to redefine the spatial, culinary, and spiritual brand experience. Our F&B strategy should exude attitude and purpose, and express vibrant, progressive moreness in everything and for everyone.


The result is a cause-driven hospitality brand focused on glocal experiences, products, and services. It would use its causes to lead with impact and to work with like-minded people, brands and partners to make the world a better place. And to have masses of fun while doing it. The brand would inspire a new breed of experiential places: open, multi-modular, and dealing in seasonal and hyperlocal food, drink, entertainment and cultural programming. And led by a multi-talented team of baristas, bartenders, cooks, event and community managers.

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