The Elvetham, Hampshire, UK

Theatricality and eccentricity for a boutique country house and spa

Brand | Strategy

Some destinations already have all the hidden connections that make them uniquely desirable. But only if you take the time to understand their value, meaning and relevance to an audience hungry for authenticity and innovation. The Elvetham is one of those places. It has enough historical glamour, architectural extravagance and rural tranquillity to be 'A place of wonder'.

Our repositioning of The Elvetham is expressed through English eccentricity, idiosyncratic artworks and quirky architectural details. The concept is playful and intriguing; it speaks of entertainment, creativity, wellbeing and escapism. It resonates with guests, reinvents the experience, and reignites brand.

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Delve: A visit to Hampshire
A building rich with quirky details: it delights guests and is a natural source of memory-jogging graphic devices.
So much about The Elvetham is unusual. It has a history of boundary breaking – of turning things upside-down in lively and thought-provoking ways. It's a natural setting for idiosyncratic artworks that provoke curiosity, exploration, and discovery.
Royal romance, courtly intrigue, extravagant entertainments – The Elvetham sparkles with historical magic. It was the landscape that inspired A Midsummer Night's Dream. How could we make all this wide-eyed wonder relevant to a modern audience?
Delve: Brand audit
Back in the studio we continued our journey of research, seeking out unique stories and details from history to inspire creative territories.
Dream: Brand strategy
Brand experience mood boards bring the hotel to life.
Dream: Create & develop
Collaborative workshops in the studio begin to define creative territories inspired by the architecture and royal former royal residents of Elvetham Hall.
Brickwork patterns and window shapes tell a story of craft and British eccentricity.