Changing perceptions means changing how things are done. Blacksheep’s aim is to create a positive impact on businesses and brands by encouraging them to think and act differently.

Blacksheep forges close relationships with its partners, supporting them on a journey from good-to- great and helping them to translate their ideas into engaging hospitality, food and drink experiences. The studio’s creative freedom and creativity stems from open collaboration and its relationships with its partners are based on dialogue, honesty and a commitment to creating ties that go deeper than individual projects.

Tim Mutton

Tim Mutton is the founder and leader of Blacksheep, launching the studio in 2002 with the aim of bringing a new perspective to the industry. In addition to leading Blacksheep’s team of established and emerging talent, Tim regularly teaches, judges, writes, presents and is an active force in driving the design industry’s future.


At Blacksheep every concept starts with a conversation and relationships are at the heart of the studio’s work; whether that’s the bond between Blacksheep and its partners, or the collaborative spirit that exists within its team.

Blacksheep does things differently, and that means rethinking traditional practices. Its flexible team is made up of designers from varied backgrounds, each with their own specialisms and perspectives, and the streamlined structure of the studio gives each the freedom to harness their own creativity.

Brian Turner

Architectural Director

Brian’s practical understanding of architecture and interior design delivery is unsurpassed, gaining the trust, confidence and respect that comes with managing our client partners investments.

Paul Mann

Brand Director

Paul has extensive industry experience with over twenty-five years experience guiding companies and organisations through the branding maze. He has led diverse, cross-functional teams and creatively steered teams in London, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. His passion for generating dynamic thought provoking brand design, enables him to deliver a global view, with local understanding.

David Lawson

Finance Controller

David has a natural affinity for numbers and their relationship to real life – to the nuts and bolts of commerce and the factors that make or break a ground-breaking project. He’s a chartered accountant and a leader who brings out the best in people and processes. After qualifying with KPMG, David found that his ability to drive process improvements could transform the performance of marketing-services agencies.

Toni Black

Interior Director

Toni is an interior designer with experience heading large scale project in the middle east, Africa and Europe for over 20+ years. Toni has a great understanding of space, enabling her to create unique interiors and guest experiences.


The journey from concept to completion means translating inventive thought into practical application, through a flexible, staged process that is tailored to each partner.

Every step of the studio’s process is intended to deliver value and results. Blacksheep believes it is impossible to understand without experiencing, or to deliver experiences without understanding their DNA, which is why each project starts with practical, hands-on research. From there, Blacksheep leads the process in tandem with their partners in order to deliver an outcome which achieves the goal of both parties.



Understanding a brand’s intent, values and narrative allows Blacksheep to define its direction. Here hands-on research combines with analysis and conversation. Blacksheep gets under the skin of its partner to gain deep insight into its identity and behaviours.


Create & Develop

Here concepts and strategies find form in early, aspirational designs. Partners are encouraged to think in broad and imaginatively ambitious terms. Abstract thoughts or values are translated into clear visual outcomes and the future direction for the brand is revealed.



Following feedback and discussion, aspirational designs are developed further, thinking about practical, real world application. Functional needs are considered, drawing a connection between the concepts and strategy previously conceived, and Blacksheep’s technical knowhow in bringing these to life.



Blacksheep works closely with suppliers and contractors to ensure that the vision for the project is maintained and realised faithfully. By providing regular direction on design intent, Blacksheep is able to control quality standards until the point of completion, ultimately producing a project that has been carefully considered and overseen from inception to delivery.



  • Restaurant  & Bar Design Awards 2018
  • Casual Dining Design Awards 2015
  • Restaurant  & Bar Design Awards 2014
  • Restaurant  & Bar Design Awards 2013
  • Luxe Et Al Hotel & Property Awards 2013
  • Hospitality Design Awards 2013
  • Restaurant  & Bar Design Awards 2012
  • Condé Nast I&DA 2012
  • Design Week Awards 2012
  • Peach Factory Hero & Icon Awards 2012
  • CEEBQA 2012
  • Restaurant  & Bar Design Awards 2011
  • FX International Interior Design Awards 2011
  • European Hotel Design Awards 2011
  • FX International Interior Design Awards 2009
  • Condé Nast I&DA 2009
  • London Club and Bar Awards 2009
  • Design Week Awards 2009
  • Theme Bar & Restaurant Awards 2009
  • Visit London Awards 2009
  • Restaurant  & Bar Design Awards 2009
  • Visit London Awards 2008
  • Commercial Architecture Awards 2007
  • London Club and Bar Awards 2007
  • TimeOut Eating & Drinking Awards 2007
  • Design Awards 2006
  • Design Week Awards 2006
  • FX International Interior Design Awards 2006