Be At One

London, UK
Be At One

Creating spaces of pure escapism and unadulterated fun. The bar takes centre stage in the designs, giving the bartender a platform to welcome, host and perform their craft.

Established to offer a place of pure escapism and unadulterated fun, since its inception in the mid 90s, Be At One has been making expert cocktails something accessible to all. Its owners, Steve, Leigh and Rhys approached Blacksheep to design new sites in Camden, Liverpool and Sheffield.

Easy to spot as paramount to the Be at One ethos is the effortless interaction between bartender and guest, playing on the theatrics and skill of the cocktail making process. The bar itself therefore takes centre stage in each site, giving the bartender a platform to host and welcome each guest. A combination of reflective finishes and dramatic lighting further frame and impose its importance in the space.

Each location’s sense of place is reflected with the irreverence at the heart of the Be At One brand.  In Camden, a place with a rich heritage as somewhere where anything goes, the graffiti artist Mr Cenz, whose work already adorned the surrounding neighbourhood, was commissioned to paint the walls.  Travelling north to Liverpool, the city’s famed reputation as the birth of pop music is introduced through the playful use of bright colour and lighting.

Throughout, the space is kept flexible.  High-level banquettes and intimate nooks lend a domestic, relaxed feel for guests to unwind and spontaneous spaces dotted around make for an easy transition to late night dancing.


  • Concept & strategy
  • Art direction
  • Interior architecture
  • Spacial philosophy
  • Signage
  • FF&E direction

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