County Cork, Ireland
450 sqm

Chicken and burger concept in County Cork, Ireland that would break the mould. Creating a stand out restaurant concept, name and visual identity for the brand.

Uninspired by a market saturated by homogenous and faceless fast causal burger brands, the brief for this new venture was simple. The vision was to create a stand out restaurant that would break the mould by adapting a fresh and fearless approach and attract a young demographic that could relate to the brand’s values and character as well as enjoy some unforgiving, delicious and real food.

The team kicked off the project by developing the personality of the brand. Taking inspiration from the concept itself, the name CoqBull originates from the simplicity of the locally sourced ingredients at the core of the brand’s promise.  During this process, the designers began to identify the brand with a range of personality traits comparable to the concept’s roots. What emerged was a raw and honest nature with a tongue in cheek attitude.

The brand’s identity speaks of the cooking process itself by representing the vibrant blue and orange of a flame on the edges of the word mark. The logo itself can be used interchangeably with different coloured backgrounds reflecting the variation and movement of the brand’s offer and equally it’s unapologetic and fearless persona.

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Additionally, a series of unique brand patterns reference the journey of the meat from the kitchen to the table again connecting the brand story to its origins. The pattern concurs up images of rubbing, marinating, charring and burning to help educate and engage the audience with the very nature of the concept.

Finally, a dictionary for the brand was also developed so it could interact and communicate with it’s guests in a consistent yet compelling way. What evolved was a series of actions that mirror the guests’ journey as they experience the food at CoqBull. The language is raw and at times garish but is a true expression of what it is really means to participate in the true CoqBull experience. This vocabulary would later influence all of the collateral, packaging, uniforms and other brand material used within the restaurant to translate the brand’s ethos.

CoqBull is an example of a brand that truly brings it’s concept to the fore, laying all of its fancies and flaws on the table to delight and excite it’s guest.  Humorous, fierce, raw and honest, CoqBull is the ultimate embodiment of real food for real people.


  • Naming
  • Concept & strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Signage

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