Home Bakery

Dubai, UAE
92 sqm

Creating a brand identity and flagship store for Home Bakery, a concept born out of the owners love of baking.

Home Bakery was born out of a natural love of baking and a passion for how the simple act of eating dessert makes people feel. What originated as a business in a home kitchen soon expanded with overflowing orders from a loyal established customer base and a barrage of new enquiries in the form of fanatic social media followers, both equally inspired by the creativity, beauty and taste of the desserts produced. As demand began to greatly outweigh supply, it was time to turn the ‘Home Bakery’ business into a brand.

Blacksheep were approached to create a brand identity translated across a range of packaging and collateral, and the interior design of the first store in Dubai. Although the business was soon to become a commercial operation, it was fundamental that it retained as much of the passion and personality of the desserts themselves. The brand needed to reflect the simplicity and authenticity of the home business while the store needed to act as a home away from home for customers, old and new.

Blacksheep created a brand DNA based on the core value ‘Simple Indulgence’. From this a visual identity was created, using three different design elements all derived from the emotionally evocative and sensory pleasure experienced when we eat sweet foods. The elements consist of a wordmark, brandmark, and a bespoke gradient.

The Home Bakery wordmark was created using a unique set of hand drawn letterforms – these letterforms reference classic typefaces used for literary design, and a sense of handcrafting is communicated through the wordmarks irregular qualities. The wordmark represents the simple origins of the brand and also emphasises how the desserts themselves are made, by hand. Six brandmark variations were then created to reference baking in the most literal sense – the sprinkling of cocoa or icing sugar, and the shape of Home Bakery’s most infamous product: the Chewy Melt cookie.

Two colours have been merged to create a vertical gradient – to represent the physical ‘high’ experienced when sweet food is eaten. These colours are taken from the classic ingredient of Arabic baking – the pistachio nut. Starting with a deep green and steadily growing to a peach, the gradient speaks of the neutrality of the customer before they taste sweetness and the euphoria they experience hereafter.

The store interior needed to reflect the origins and values of the brand. Blacksheep were conscious that the store should feel as much like a home as possible – the bakery’s home. We developed a house-like structure within the internal framework of the restaurant, creating an atmosphere of homeliness, warmth and comfort. The house structure is visible from both entry points and also acts as a functional design element by curving inwards to create bench seating. Windows and translucent frames give customers views into the kitchen, allowing them to enjoy the theatre of the baking taking place. Honesty in the earthiness of the materials and furnishings including rustic oak timber, thick padded fabric, and worn leather allows the simple deliciousness of the products to speak for themselves.


  • Concept & strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Interior architecture
  • Spatial philosophy
  • Signage
  • FF&E direction

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