Lanes of London

London, UK
500 sqm

We were approached to design a food and beverage concept for the Marriott Hotel Park Lane, London.


Blacksheep were approached by Marriott Hotels to create a new brand concept and design for a destination restaurant and bar in London’s prestigious Park Lane. Situated on the very cusp of Park Lane, the location was key to the design brief as the client sought to utilise the vibrancy and heritage of the landmark location, as well as the character of the existing late Edwardian mansion block designed by Frank Verity in the 1800’s. Blacksheep had previously partnered with Marriott on award-winning Gilray’s Steak House and Bar at County Hall, to create a 360 degree food and beverage concept in yet another iconic London location.

With the location and history of the building forming a key direction within the brief, the team’s first point of call was to research and investigate the various influences of the surrounding areas. A series of workshops were held through which the team began to associate with a number of historical elements that would later combine to build the brand’s identity. During this phase, the team took inspiration from Samuel Johnson, an English writer from the 1700’s whose major work, a poem called ‘London’, began to typify the very essence of what was to come….   “By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.”

Lanes of London represents just that, a celebration of London as the forefront of global food and beverage trends. Influenced by many diverse cultures, it is a city bustling with exciting places and experiences, but also a city with a proud and celebrated history of tradition. The brand seeks to combine the influences right on it’s doorstep, from the cockney air of the East End to the middle eastern influences of Edgware Road, overlaid with some good old fashioned British heritage, translating the vast cultural identity which London has to offer. To bring these values to life, the team created a distinct tone of voice for the brand which was to be very tongue in cheek and light hearted. Examples of this can be seen in the restaurant’s menus, which include explanatory and quirky narrative, giving an insight into the history of the signature dishes on offer.

The identity for the brand itself is very ‘traditionally London’. The Lanes of London logo has decorative flourishes, recognisable from traditional hand painted signage. Additionally, the hand lettering aspect is also brought to life in the environmental and window graphics of the venue. A bespoke pattern and a decorative page border based on the logo elements was developed and implemented across the menus and wider collateral. The use of halftone, black and white vintage aerial photographs of London boroughs create a friendly and vintage feel to the overall impression. A distinctive bespoke street map used as place settings in the restaurant capture the essence of London for its guests as they dine.

Through the strategic alignment of a range of design elements – from the menus, the website and everything in between, the brand works hard to communicate with its guests through all stages of the experience in a fun yet educational way. The result is a unique dining experience, telling a story through every touch point, the story of London itself.


  • Concept & strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Interior architecture
  • Spatial philosophy
  • Signage
  • FF&E direction

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