Loacker Brand Manual

Bolzano, Italy

Design of a Brand Manual, touching on every application of the Loacker world; brand, retail and product.

In order to uncover what makes Loacker special, Blacksheep delved into the story and the values at the heart of Loacker, from 1925 to today. Developing these values and behaviours into the foundation for all communication.

The origins of Loacker began as a family business in 1925. Since then they have expanded into an international market, but strive to keep the same family philosophies as when Alfons Loacker started the family business. While looking at Loackers global retail experience, Blacksheep were tasked with unifying the brand, from the inside out.

The Brand Book outlines how to present Loacker, verbally and visually, ensuring a consistent treatment in all communications by strengthening the emotional engagement between stakeholders and the Loacker brand.

Since 1925-today, Loacker has built up a myriad of brand assets which have becoment integral to Loackers brand. Blacksheep established purpose and relevance for: the wordmark, typography, colour palette, tone of voice, photography direction and illustration.

These key elements are translated across 200+ applications within the Brand Manual. It acts as a guide for all Loacker communications, ensuring the integrity of the brand does not get diluted.

The binder format of the Brand Manual is inspired by old factory manuals, a reference to the Loacker factory nestled in the Dolomites.


  • Layout
  • Art direction
  • Illustrations
  • Typography
  • Brand Development

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