Astana, Kazakhstan
500 sqm

Strategy, naming, brand and interior design for a unique food offer set in the heart of Astana, Kazakhstan.


Blacksheep created a unique F&B experience that firmly resonates with the new audience of a young capital, set to spearhead creativity and progress in Kazakhstan.

Delving deep into research, centered on place and culture. Aiming to design an offer intrinsically connected to Astana, Blacksheep wove together the old and new, with tradition and innovation in harmonious co-existence.

With an ever-increasing population in the city, The Ritz-Carlton Astana saw an opportunity to engage 
a new market by creating a sophisticated, aspirational space where none had previously existed. This concept became Talan Towers, which encompassed residential apartments, commercial offices, a shopping mall and The Ritz-Carlton Astana hotel. The integration of F&B was a natural step for The Ritz-Carlton, with cuisine an integral part of Kazakh culture.

Blacksheep established the strategy, naming and food direction for the offer within the Talan Towers complex, with the distinctive persona driving the design of the space and its overall identity. Mökki, meaning ‘to be a home’, sits on the third floor and is designed to deliver an engaging experience for guests from morning to night.

Three design pillars were developed –  honesty, simplicity and craftsmanship – and these informed all decisions. Delivering a complete guest experience meant that each touchpoint of Mökki was carefully considered and curated, from the brand and wider interior design, to details such as the bespoke display holders and staff uniforms.

The space has been designed to encourage exploration, with a variety of different areas, whilst the application of the brand throughout is uncontrived, respecting the design pillars established. This allows the food to be the hero, celebrating craft, while respecting both seasonality and locality.


  • Naming
  • Concept & strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Interior architecture
  • Spacial philosophy
  • Signage
  • FF&E direction