The Gorgeous Kitchen

London, UK
200 sqm

The Gorgeous Kitchen, a collaboration between four female chefs. Creating the brand identity and interiors for the luxury dining offer, a celebration of femininity and an escape within Heathrow’s busy T2.

The Gorgeous Kitchen marks Blacksheep’s first collaboration with HMS Host, the global leader in creating dining experiences for travel venues and people on the move.  The group approached Blacksheep to design the brand and interiors for a new quality dining experience as part of Heathrow’s regeneration programme at Terminal 2.

The concept was to be a collaboration between four chef’s; Gee Charman (former chef at Kensington Palace and right-hand woman of celebrity chefs including The Hairy Bikers, Simon Rimmer and Gordon Ramsay), Sophie Michell (executive chef of Pont St. at Belgraves hotel), Jo Pratt (best-selling author of ‘In the mood for food’ and former food editor of ELLE and Glamour magazine) and Caroline Mi Li Artiss (one of the first chefs to be discovered on YouTube and self-made momtrepreneur). The brief was to create a premium luxury-dining offer that would sit alongside the business lounges of the airport and provide travellers with an experience unlike any other in it’s environment.

The design approach embraces a modern essence of femininity; welcoming yet refined and with a touch of the ethereal. The brand identity connects with the audience intimately; exciting and provoking the guest’s senses, before, during and after their unique culinary experience.

The team wanted to create something that would truly represent the unique collaboration and chemistry of the four leading chefs. The wordmark is bespoke; crafted out of a variety of different typefaces to create something quietly complex and refined. Purposefully placed across three levels, the wordmark’s form represents a journey. The punctuation of the beauty mark denotes a pause that the environment creates for the guest, whilst embodying restaurant’s modern essence of femininity. The copper wordmark sits across the three backdrops, a dark deep blue referencing sky and aviation, a gradient echoing movement, and lastly a marble effect touching upon the marriage between sea and sand. Always surrounded by space, the overall identity reflects the sanctuary in which the environment envelops the guest.

The restaurant’s interior is designed to delight guests, with spectacular views of both the departures lounges and runway, a perception of flying is offered before they ever take off. The design evokes feelings of tranquility, peace and calm, an escape within an escape. Unlike many other airport eateries, The Gorgeous Kitchen offers nourishment for the mind, body and soul.

The brand identity is immediately visible from the exterior of the restaurant, drawing guests into the space where they are immediately given a view into the partly open kitchen. This kitchen acts as the main stage for the chefs to interact with their guests. The rest of the kitchen, partly hidden by screens, allows the guest to see only the movement of the chefs at work, adding intrigue and mystery to experience. The entrance also provides a retail opportunity for each chef’s individual products, allowing their personalities to be present within the space.

The layout of the restaurant itself is based on natural organisation and freedom of form. Taking inspiration from the formation of a rockpool, the team’s approach meant the seating arrangements provide an unhindered space, giving an overall feeling of tranquility to the restaurant. Delicate copper vinaigrettes connect the spaces from a central point, creating pockets of natural rest for guests as well as adding a degree of intrigue to the space. Antique Murano glass shades appear to float effortlessly, adding a certain ethereal quality.

The two worlds connect throughout the journey to create a holistic experience. Through the use of intrinsic materials such as marble and copper, colours and patterns, the brand identity and interior design blend as one. The entire effect allows guests to detach themselves from the hustle and bustle of the typical airport environment, drawing them into the world of quiet luxury that is The Gorgeous Kitchen.


  • Concept & strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Interior architecture
  • Spatial philosophy
  • Signage
  • FF&E direction

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