The Ten Bells

London, UK
231 sqm

Rebranding an East London institution Ten Bells, creating a brand identity to showcase the brilliant seasonal cooking whilst reconnecting with the building’s great historic past.

Our approach focused around the notion of layering history in a different light, drawing inspiration from the many stories that surround the iconic pub.

To process such an enormous heritage, we curated the history and celebrated elements of the past that we combined with characteristics of the present – old and new came together to reflect both sides of this familiar coin delivering a new lease of life. Subtle contemporary touches were added to bring relevance and reflect the dynamic clientele and the ever-evolving neighborhood of East London.

The newly crafted word mark is influenced by a famous London typeface, small serifs on the painted signage reference back to the historic exterior. In addition to the word mark, a circular typographic brand mark reinforces its position as a London institution; embossed on all menus and printed collateral it is a subtle makers mark suggesting ‘seal of approval’.

Simple black and white tones, the use of black on black together with the combination of traditional yet modern typography elevate the classic surroundings, stunning tiling and Victorian details that are found throughout the building.

The new identity is supported by a series of still life photographs inspired by renaissance ‘vanitas’ still life paintings, honoring the authentic and seasonal produce of the restaurant upstairs at the Ten Bells. The photography has been centered around the contrasts between light & dark, construction and deconstruction – a mystic and supernatural atmosphere that is owned by The Ten Bells.

A brand compendium was created to catalogue all of the work, along with the launch of a new website.


  • Concept & strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Signage
  • Web Design

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