Autograph Collection Residences, The Lucan, London

Concept and strategy for Marriott’s first standalone Autograph Collection Residences

Brand Strategy | Visual Identity

The Lucan is the ultimate in prestige hospitality – a partnership between Marriott and Gulf Islamic Investments to provide luxury apartments with a full suite of 24/7 concierge services. The Lucan is for bleisure-seeking glocalists, so it calls for a brand rooted in Chelsea’s irrepressibly chic Bohemian vibe.

Illumination is the key. The name for this beacon of stylish living comes from lux, Latin for light; the concierge team are known as Luminaries; and every detail of identity and service light up a resident’s life. This is a brand that’s rich with spontaneity, steeped in luxury, and fired by the spirit of place.

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