Flock Top Picks: Coffee Guide to London Bridge


With our hub being in the heart of London Bridge, we are spoilt for choice of world class coffee spots.

We have collated a guide of our Flock’s top picks, to help you discover the finest options in the area and share our passion for the food and beverage sector.

Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth Coffee has been part of Borough Market since the 1990s. They promote sustainability through eliminating the use of single-use plastic cups.


Visit Monmouth Coffee

Roasting Plant

Roasting Plant are coffee pioneers with their Javabot™ technology. They source top-grade beans globally, offering a customised, artisanal experience.


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Born in Bermondsey, WatchHouse builds a community with quality, ethical sourcing, and thoughtful spaces. With a focus on quality coffee, community and daily enjoyment.


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The Gentlemen Baristas

Born in London’s East End, the Gentlemen Baristas is a well-mannered, well-meaning and community-spirited coffee company, supplier and roastery.


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Crol & Co

Crol & Co thrives on community support and impeccable service across their London locations, championing local businesses with exceptional products.


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