Linn House, Chivas Brother Brand Home, Scotland

Chivas Brothers’ first guest house and whisky retreat

Interior Design

Linn House is the spiritual home of Chivas Brothers, blenders of sublime whisky. In this most intimate of guest houses, visitors share the còsagach – the warmth and cosiness – of a region steeped in whisky’s amber glow.

The guest rooms and refreshed public spaces embody the cultural and artistic heritage of Speyside and its distilleries. Drawing inspiration from the palette, textures, and mood of the region, we devised a look that’s as timeless, inviting, and artisanal as a great whisky. These unforgettable one-off spaces come together to create an experience as multilayered as a master blend.

“As demand for whisky expands around the world, more consumers are intrigued to discover and explore our heritage. Linn House is an extension of our brand homes, affording anyone who visits the luxury of time: to rest, to indulge and to enjoy all that the region has to offer. It is our ambition that Linn House becomes a destination hospitality offering here in Speyside.”


Jacques-Henri Brive
Head of Brand Advocacy & Prestige Acceleration, Chivas Brothers

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