Luxury Collection, Bar 1920, Prince de Galles, Paris

F&B strategy and spatial philosophy for an art deco hotel

Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Interior Design

The Prince de Galles is a Parisian icon, built to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1929. As the hotel approaches its centenary, we devised an F&B strategy and interior-design concept to put it back at the heart of Parisian art deco glamour.

Our work sets the direction for three hospitality areas: Akira Back restaurant, Bar 19.20, and The Patio. In our hands all three are integral to the concept. For the Asian-international cuisine of the Michellin-starred Akira Back, we revisited the 1920's love affair with Japonisme. Effortless elegance and unrestrained opulence now define the hotel; the Prince of Wales would love it.

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