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Spotlight: Chef Tom Barnes

We are excited to announce our partnership with chef Tom Barnes on his new restaurant, Skof, which opened in May 2024 – with a vision to create an unpretentious yet ambitious dining experience in the NOMA district of Manchester.


Sustainability Spotlight: Treehouse, London

We recently had the pleasure of exploring Treehouse, London, a hotel that seamlessly blends playful nostalgia with environmental consciousness. Since its inception, Treehouse has been meticulously designed to minimise waste while evoking a sense of whimsy. Notably, the hotel’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its choice to repurpose wood from the packaging used during construction for its interior decor.

This dedication extends to small yet impactful details like using wooden business cards and door hangers, reducing paper waste while creating lasting brand impressions. With its cosy ambiance and nods to childhood memories, Treehouse invites guests to experience the outdoors indoors, fostering a sense of comfort and connection.


Treehouse, London

Flock Day Out: Christmas Party

In December, we gathered to toast to a year of hard work and creativity. Our celebration took us to The Alchemist in Battersea, a venue belonging to one of our esteemed clients. The festivities began with a captivating cocktail-making workshop, setting the tone for an evening filled with lively games and a delicious three-course meal.

As we raise our glasses, here’s to another year of creativity, collaboration and craft awaiting us in 2024!

The Alchemist

Flock Day Out: Chocolate Workshop

We wouldn’t be Blacksheep if it weren’t for our amazing Flock! To celebrate their hard work and to spend some important team bonding time together, we regularly organise Flock days out that are always experience-led, fun and social.

Our Autumn Social took us to @mychocolate_uk for a chocolate making workshop where our team learnt the art of truffle making and crafted their own handmade creations, whilst indulging in tasty chocolate goodness!


Food for thought

Fashion brands are tapping into the F&B scene to create real luxury edible experiences. One of our favourites is Anya Cafe in London by Anya Hindmarch where the brand is tastefully translated to cakes and coffee.

Anya Cafe

Prada Cafe @ Harrods

Gucci Osteria by Massimo Botura @ Beverly Hills

Louis Vuitton Osaka

Dior Cafe Paris



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