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Blacksheep announce new Director Partnership

Noxe Official Launch Party

Last week we attended the official opening party for Noxe, experiencing how the space comes to life at night.

Full case study here

Noxe Barcelona

IF:AND:OR:ELSE – Informing Future Decisions

Kicking off this year’s Festival of Hospitality, we attended an afternoon at Ember Locke, Kensington to reflect on the past, present and future of hospitality.

Inspirational talks from Philippa Wagner of PeoplePlacesSpaces and Stephen McCall, CEO, Edyn along with a guided tour of the beautiful interiors, designed by House of Dre.

Festival of Hospitality



House of Dre

Sustainability Spotlight

We’re always on the lookout for innovative new materials; here’s a selection that have grabbed the teams attention recently:






Food for thought

Chladni plates were part of our reference and inspiration for the Noxe visual identity. These plates can visualise sound; the plate is dusted with a material in order to see the patterns, such as flour, sand, or salt. Next, the plate is excited by drawing a violin bow across the side of the plate until it reaches resonance. When the plate is excited, some areas vibrate and some areas don’t move.


Noxe Barcelona is now open!

Noxe Barcelona is a cocktail bar, Japanese Restaurant, and nightclub that pulses from dusk to dawn to the rhythm of life. In this magical, twilight world, no two moments are alike. They provide the inspiration for branding and design work that swirls and shimmers with raw natural energy. At Noxe, the rhythms of music, moon, stars, and laughter are one – boundless energy for a venue that never sleeps.

Full case study here.

Aulis, Soho now open

@aulissimonrogan has officially reopened its doors in Soho, London with a beautiful refreshed and elevated new look designed by our studio. Ready to welcome guests into their expanded 12-seater chef’s table and lounge to experience an exceptional seasonal tasting menu that has been crafted using ingredients and suppliers from @ourfarm


Full case study here

Alchemist Edinburgh has arrived

Say hello to @thealchemistuk newest site in George St, Edinburgh and our third opening for the brand this year.

Taking its cues from the city’s spiritual roots, the interior introduces guests into another dimension of the brand experience featuring sculpted accents, statement art pieces and an alluring double-height cocktail bar designed to compliment and enhance the period character of the building.


Full case study here

Food for thought

Fashion brands are tapping into the F&B scene to create real luxury edible experiences. One of our favourites is Anya Cafe in London by Anya Hindmarch where the brand is tastefully translated to cakes and coffee.

Anya Cafe

Prada Cafe @ Harrods

Gucci Osteria by Massimo Botura @ Beverly Hills

Louis Vuitton Osaka

Dior Cafe Paris



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