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Sustainability Spotlight

We’re always on the lookout for innovative new materials; here’s a selection that have grabbed the teams attention recently:






Food for thought

Chladni plates were part of our reference and inspiration for the Noxe visual identity. These plates can visualise sound; the plate is dusted with a material in order to see the patterns, such as flour, sand, or salt. Next, the plate is excited by drawing a violin bow across the side of the plate until it reaches resonance. When the plate is excited, some areas vibrate and some areas don’t move.


HIX 2023: The Umwelt Paradigm

The news is finally out! We are thrilled to be apart of this year’s @hix_event creating a transformative and dynamic hospitality installation that explores the future of hospitality design and the theme of ‘A room with a point of view’ ( alongside @mixd.experience)


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Flock Day Out: Terrarium Workshop

Last week our team headed to @coaldropsyard for a terrarium masterclass hosted by @botanicalboys

Big thanks to the fabulous Michael who taught us all about the history of terrariums and the layering and planting techniques needed to create our own miniature garden in glass.


Botanical Boys

The Dispensary @The Alchemist Glasgow

The Dispensary is an interactive self-serve bar that prepares and presents its cocktails with a theatrical puff of smoke. The future of cocktail service has arrived.

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