Lucky Voice

London, UK
313 sqm

Brand experience and identity refresh for lifestyle karaoke bar in London. The approach created a brand experience that focuses and brings to life
 the core of karaoke’s philosophy – to share the joy of heartfelt singing through an ‘imperfect’ moment of freedom.

Lucky Voice is a UK based karaoke company with bars across the country, as well as in Dubai. Inspired by the cutting edge, original Japanese karaoke scene, Lucky Voice is one of the first private room karaoke venues in the UK. It also operates as a karaoke software and hardware technology provider.

In order for Lucky Voice to become synonymous with the best karaoke experience in the UK and beyond, Blacksheep worked towards a strategy that focuses on emotional engagement between the brand and its stakeholders, able to be expressed visually as well as well as through service culture. Research was concentrated on identifying the ‘essential goodness’ of karaoke, leading to the credo that karaoke is a moment of absolute freedom manifest through self-expression and togetherness. As an extension, Lucky Voice becomes a celebration
of ‘the perfection of imperfection’ and the intention is for the brand to become a mindset centered on this notion, with a tangible form.

The wordmark takes a step back where appropriate, allowing the expression of the brand through its associated assets; representing the feeling of singing from the heart. The role of the ‘Heart Charm’
is crucial, as in some cases it is used to bring recognition of the Lucky Voice brand without repetition of the wordmark, representing the ‘Lucky Voice moment’. Pink is used for special moments throughout, while black and white create a feeling of security and timelessness. Yellow, blue and green are used as a secondary palette in ancillary assets as well as the space.

Lucky Voice typography summarises the brand’s character by achieving a balance between expression and inclusiveness. The primary typeface for use across all material is Helvetica Regular. The use of a single weight removes complexity, allowing the brand to be articulated through elements such as illustration and photography. A hand drawn type style – Sweet Emotion – has been developed for display purposes. The handwritten letterforms provide a level of energy across channels whilst creating an individual and recognisable visual.

Illustrations are used throughout to support branded material and to add emphasis, in a collage style, to photography. The Lucky Voice illustration style is a reference to Action Painting; which summarises the brand mindset by capturing the spontaneous spirit and underscoring subconscious creation.

Puns and jokes based on musical reference demonstrate the humorous and irreverent aspect of Lucky Voice, and quotes from songs and song titles provide a valuable asset, appearing at key points in communications – whilst avoiding overuse.



  • Concept & strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Interior architecture
  • Spatial philosophy
  • Signage
  • Web design
  • FF&E direction

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