1954 by KNCC, Kuwait

Reimagining the golden age of wonder in Arabian cinema

Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Interior Design | Architecture

When the Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC) planned its first boutique cinema, it needed a stand-out experience. Since 1954 was the year of KNCC's founding, the venue is a homage to seven decades of Kuwaiti movie-going.

A trip through Kuwait's cinematic past uncovered numerous references; a local collector of movie posters became a goldmine of materials. Our wordmark and ticket-like graphics hint at the medium's past, present, and future.

The 1954 Film House relives the golden age of Arabian cinema. Our designs for the entrance and foyer take their cues from the region's abandoned cinemas. Movie memorabilia and walls of old film posters connect you to that era of magic. Nevertheless 1954 is a venue for the here-and-now – proof that a night at the movies is still an unmissable event.

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