Eastcheap Records, London, UK

The culture of music woven into the fabric of a live-music bar

Interiors | Strategy

Inspiration for Rocket Leisure's fourth live-music venue comes from the world of vinyl. We turned to the icons of popular music and revelled in the scruffy, underlit, make-it-up-as-we-go design of independent music shops.

A proper vinyl store is heavy with cultural references, so that's how we approached Eastcheap Records. With neon signs; posters of the music greats; raw, mismatched brickwork; and 8,000 album sleeves flopped across bank after bank of shelving, Eastcheap is your favourite dive bar and record store in one. In this seductively nocturnal space, every night promises a fresh burst of live and unfiltered musical energy.

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Delve: Record-store culture
Gathering references to create honest and unique experiences.
Back in the studio we continued our journey of research, seeking out unique stories and details to inspire creative territories.
Dream: Create & develop
We look to music icons for inspiration.
A dive bar involves a tricky balance. Between predictability (the knowledge that essential comforts will be there) and unpredictability (the belief that, on any given night, anything could happen).